Nature/ Village Walks

Just come out of the cottage and start in any direction you want. There are so many different walking trails which leads you to Jungle, Temple or Village depending on your mood and direction you have chosen. Be careful in the evenings specifically going alone as Gagar still boast of a fair sighting of wild animals.

Adventure Activities

Areas around Gagar offer lots of opportunity for Adventure Sports like Trekking, Rappelling, Rock Climbing & Paragliding. You can go trekking to famous trails, and even do rock climbing or Rappelling at famous points near Mukteshwar. Paragliding is also becoming quite popular and people interested can get in touch with adventure sports companies in and around.

Bird watching/Photography

A Bird watchers paradise, Gagar has more than 150 Bird Species. You can simply walk on the main road or skip to the terrace fields and into the forest, this place offers ample opportunities for anyone for a good shot.

Reading, Playing and spending time with loved ones

A perfect location for spending some quality time with your loved ones or yourself. There is absolutely no disturbance to your thought process or intrusion into your time with your family.

Bonfire followed with Star gazing

An occasional Bonfire with barbeque followed by Star Gazing is one of the best part of stay.

Enjoy Maggi with a cup of Hot Tea

Maggi Points can be found anywhere in the hills. In the cottage itself, order your favorite snack along with hot coffee any time you feel like eating something. The View point from the cottage makes the whole experience memorable.